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Dr. Michael Bilkis, MD is a retired physician turned coach. His passion is helping people empower themselves to live the life of their choice.

About Me

Wholehearted Commitment

Dr. Michael Bilkis is a board certified dermatologist. He started working in private practice in 1990. For many years, he was an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at NYU Medical Center. While there, he was the first dermatologist to discuss stress reduction and mind-body techniques at the prestigious NYU Advances in Dermatology Meeting. Early on in his medical career, Dr. Bilkis knew that in order to help his patients get healthy, they needed to make changes in their lifestyles. Medicine would clear their skin but not cure their skin conditions.


Dr. Michael's first major healing event happened in 2008 when he participated in The ManKind Project's (MKP) New Warrior Training Adventure. The pinnacle moment for him was when another man said to him, "Be proud of your tears. They are the tears of a warrior. " Since that moment, Michael became an active member of the ManKind Project. The ManKind Project is an international men's organization dedicated to creating a better world by teaching men to be better men.  He served as the director of the NJ MKP Training Center for 2 years and has held other administrative positions. He has staffed 31 trainings and served on the leadership team since 2013. Through his leadership training, Michael learned to acutely identify the heart of an issue for men and then guide their process to completion. Moreover, as a master facilitator, he is able to hold space for his clients to access the core of their issues and release them. 


Dr. Michael’s big "AHA" moment came while working weekly with an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner for 1 year. With each session, he watched and felt his emotional wounds dissipate. His outlook on life shifted, and his relationships with himself, his wife, and children dramatically improved. This led him to the Omega Center to begin his professional EFT training with Dr. Dawson Church. Dawson is a well known EFT practitioner, teacher, and researcher. Michael is a Certified EFT Practitioner through 


Dr. Michael R. Bilkis is an interfaith minister, rabbi of spiritual Judaism, shamanic practitioner, spiritual guide, and Reiki Master. He is a graduate of the New Seminary and The Rabbinical Seminary International. Dr. Bilkis has studied with many different teachers and healers since he began his spiritual journey in the early 1990s. In 2015, he received the rites in the Bundled Mesa tradition of the Q'ero People of Peru, and in 2017 he studied past life regression therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss. Additionally, he is a certified Angel Tarot Reader and Akashic Records Reader. 


Dr. Michael brings a passion for helping people create a life of joy, connection, and wholeness.

Michael is married to an amazing woman and is the father of two wonderful young men. He also enjoys sailing, reading, and performing close-up magic.

About Me: About Me
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