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RE-Writing your Story from I can't to I CAN!

Moving Forward by Healing the Past

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Do you feel stuck in a rut ?

Do you feel that you've hit a wall in your relationships or career?

Do you feel a lack of self-worth? 

Does it seem as if your life has lost its  meaning, direction or purpose?

Are you ready to live your life with clarity, direction, and healing?

Are you ready to clear the blocks and creates the freedom to move forward into a more joyful, successful and meaningful life?

Soul Alchemy* is the process of moving forward by healing your past emotional wounds and trauma

During our sessions together, I work to inspire and motivate you to persevere through the discomfort into your transformation.

Unprocessed, painful and traumatic memories stay locked in the body. Talking about these painful memories over and over again can reinforce them. They are difficult to process and release without some type of deeper energetic somatic process.

Soul Alchemy is in its essence Transformational Healing. Through my personal experience and that of others, I discovered that releasing trauma best occurs when a body oriented or somatic technique is best utilized. Healing your past is often the missing key to moving forward.  

I use a variety of techniques as each has its place, strengths and weaknesses. My main technique is Emotional Freedom (EFT)Technique. In my experience, this is one of the best techniques to decrease stress and heal emotional trauma locked in the body. 

To augment EFT, I am also utilize Past Life Regression, Emotion Code, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Intuitive Tarot Readings, and Shamanic Healing Techniques to help you achieve your goals.


I've included links to explanations of the major modalities and techniques I utilize below.


Getting started is easy. Your first step is to schedule a "Take the First Step Strategy Session." As a bonus, I am currently offering this valuable initial consultation as my gift to you. 


All sessions are currently being offered through Zoom Video Conferencing. In person sessions can also be arranged for clients in the Savannah, Georgia Area. 


*Disclaimer: Although I am a board-certified and licensed physician, healing & coaching services are for educational and self-discovery purposes only. At no time will I, Dr. Bilkis, diagnose or offer treatment for any medical condition. All clients are instructed to consult their physicians and/or psychologists prior to making any changes to their medical regimen.

Are you ready to start enhancing your life?

Located locally in Savannah, Georgia

Your first step starts with scheduling an online complimentary 30-40 minute

Take the First Step Strategy Session.

Emotional Freedom Technique
Emotion Code

Releasing the past is often the way to move forward

A time honored

experience to gain

insight, clarity and healing

Intuitive Readings

A Tarot or Akashic Records reading is a good way to gain clarity on a current life situation

Clear your blocks to build your business

My 8 step program to clear the block stopping you from taking meaningful action

Group programs
& Events

Throughout the year we offer a variety of group programs and events.

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