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I love getting feedback—both complementary and constructive. As a Transformational Coach, I’m proud to have gained the trust of my valued clients. Read on to see what others have said about me.

"I’ve said this one too many times over these past few months, "Michael Bilkis has changed my life." He is a very respectful, responsible, and caring person. He takes his time with you and gives his full undivided attention. The patience that Michael has is unmatched, and even over FaceTime it can feel like he is right there in the room with you. I have been through some traumatic moments in my life and, thanks to Dr. Bilkis and his EFT practice, I have been able to tap into those emotions and free my mind of all it’s worries.


Would I recommend Michael? Without a doubt, it truly can change your life, as it has mine."


Thanks Michael, I truly am in debt to you! Our sessions helped me through these past few months!

Zach Prengler
Founder - Wooded Gate Pictures

I have been blessed to know Michael for over 20 years. During that time, he has constantly been on a quest to transform himself and learn things that help others. He has a wide array of talents, of which EFT is one. When doing EFT with Michael, I was struck by the depth of his compassion and insight. He was able to move the session along in a comfortable and healing way. He provides much more than the skill of EFT. He truly cares about the people he works with and wants to assist them in any way possible.

Dr. Kimberlyann

Before working with Michael, I was struggling with dealing with people's lateness. I would feel a lot of anxiety and no matter how much work I did on this, I was never able to have actual peace of mind when people weren't on time for something.

I would get significant about it and angry about it.


Even though I was aware I had these emotions and would often not act from them, people could still feel I was feeling that and it would land with others as passive-aggressive. In essence, they could feel the angry and annoyed energy even if on the surface I was not acting like that. 

During my session, I experienced a complete freedom, ease, and peace of mind around this, where I could just be with people's lateness without getting heavy and significant about it. That doesn't mean tolerating it or condoning it but simply dealing with it without all the emotional charge around it. The impact on others is that they aren't defensive around me when I say something about it.

Eric Schleien
Granite State Capital Management

I have known Michael both as a mentor and as a friend. During the past ten years, he has continually impressed me with his dedication to helping others. With selflessness, he has given countless hours to men and women who seek his counsel. When he is not directly involved in sharing his knowledge and skills, he is developing new ones. Most recently, Michael has learned, gained experience in, and become certified in EFT (Emotion-Focused Therapy). I personally experienced a breakthrough with an issue that had been haunting me for years through his skillful application of this technique. He was able to guide me in such a way that I was able to see clearly before me what I had been unable, or unwilling, to comprehend. I felt safe enough and comfortable enough to allow it to come into my full consciousness. There, it lost its anxiety-producing power over me, and I have been freed from its grip. I highly recommend working with Michael. He has many gifts and, most importantly, a great heart.

Rick Moore, B.A., B.Comm., B.S., MDiv.

I have known Michael for a couple of years now and can wholeheartedly say that he is a wonderful human being on multiple levels. Not only have he and his equally fantastic and talented wife become personal friends, his work with EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), has helped me work through some heavy emotions and stressful past experiences. He has opened my eyes to a new way of healing, and under his guidance, I am now able to use EFT anytime and anywhere.


His way of reframing situations has also opened me to seeing things differently. Perspective  can be so narrow at times, but when opened to new ways of seeing, the possibilities of healing and growing are amazing. Michael is one of the wizards in my life who has helped me to open my eyes, see differently and take a chance using a new technique to heal and grow. I am grateful to have him in my life.


Working with him is a game changer. 

Jaime R.

Dear Michael,

I am so grateful for the work you do with EFT and how it has altered some lifelong struggles for me. I originally came to you to work on an issue around how poorly I treat others. I found I was getting angry all the time with people around me, and I just couldn't bear being that person anymore.


In just one EFT session, you helped me to uncover the root causes of that behavior, and through EFT, I feel a greater sense of calm. And this clearly isn't some temporary fix. I have felt level-headed and settled in the past 3 months since our session. It was a pleasure to work with you.


You come with a gentle and kind heart and what I perceive as a sincere desire to help others. Thanks.

Riverdale, NJ

Who knew that some simple tapping by a master facilitator would help my anxiety?

Glen Gordon
Executive Coach

Michael helped me to release fear and anxiety. After our work together, I feel lighter and more present. Working with Michael was fun!

MSW Student

Before working with Michael, I had a strong fear around allowing myself to experience grief, especially around death. During my session, I was able to connect how this fear was related to a childhood experience with the death of my childhood dog. My session brought much needed healing and relief around this experience. Not long after my work with Michael, our beloved family cat died.  We had a beautiful burial in our backwoods and, for the first time, I felt safe in my grief and cried openly with my family.


Thank you, Michael!


Before working with Michael, I was struggling the part I played with the re-evaluation of my mother's estate. As executor, I was blamed by other family members for leaving them less what they expected causing much conflict and animosity with my nephews and nieces. Their anger towards me was unbearable. My feelings of fear, shame, and low self-esteem were real, which I have been carrying with me for decades!

During my sessions with Michael, I was brought to a new awareness through the EFT technique. By the time I finished my sessions, I started feeling more relaxed and less scared, and I had feelings of closure. Michael's approach to me was straight-forward and focused. His compassion and understanding while using this method is a testimony to his dedication to this practice and how well it turned out in helping me to deal with my pain and come to closure.

I want to thank Michael for giving me the opportunity and courage to face my fears. I strongly recommend this technique to anyone who has been traumatized by a life event and wants a better understanding of their conflicts and themselves.

Stephen Minella

I know Michael Ross Bilkis, not only as being one of his clients, but we have been on journeys that initially brought us together. (Spirit at Work).


Michael is genuine, caring, and compassionate about helping others in a significant way!


He helped me remove a block that was holding me back, guiding me through EFT. It brought a healing to the service; regarding forgiving & healing a wound that I didn't realize at the time still had a cord attached to someone who had crossed over into Spirit. This was not only significant for me, it was freeing me as well!

I highly recommend EFT! Michael is a beautiful catalyst for this work! 🕯🙏

Violetta Porrazzo
Psychic Medium

The EFT session with Michael was very helpful.  He was very conscientious and caring in his efforts to bring insight and understanding to troubling issues.  I recommend him with confidence


I had uncovered some toxic shame from my past.  I wanted to process it in a way that allowed me to get into my body, which is nearly impossible in a restricted Covid environment.  I found Michael Bilkis to be a very gifted coach, and using EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique] was able to process what had come up, and additionally we uncovered and dealt with further details that emerged during our sessions together.  I was amazed and grateful at how effective the process was.  I give the highest recommendation to Michael.


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