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Intuitive Readings

Image by T A T I A N A

Tarot & Akashic Records

There are two worlds that we live in. They operate like the Yin-Yang symbol; they are the world of logic and the world of intuition. Both have a place and both exist within each other. 

A Tarot or Akashic Records reading taps into the world of intuition. It follows the law of synchronicity that the cards seem to be "magically" dealt in a most profound way for the participant.

A deck of Tarot cards acts as a key to unlock aspects of your life that live within your subconscious. When I read for a person, I am looking to help them come to a greater understanding of what is and what isn't working for them in their life.

After a reading, you will have more direction and a path opened for healing. If you choose, a reading can transition into a coaching session to aid you in this process. 

Michael offers Tarot and Akashic Records Readings. A tarot deck is a deck of 78 cards following a standard format. The cards are divided into 2 groups: the major arcana and the minor arcana. The major arcana represent the major important and overriding aspects of your life. The Minor Arcana reflect the everyday aspects.

The Akashic Records are the comic library that contains all the information about you: your past lives, possible future lives, and current life. Akashaic Record Readings are interactive and aid you in gaining deeper insight into your life. There is also an energetic healing that takes place during the reading.

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