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Soul Alchemy is a unique program. It combines multiple modalities, science, and mysticism to create a complete healing and coaching program. Changing a deeply rooted story is a process. Soul Alchemy is a 12 - 24 week commitment to this process. It is a commitment you make to yourself that you will change your story and emerge with a new story that reflects the truth of who you truly are.

 The initial Soul Alchemy session starts with creating ritual space and opening the gate to a metaphoric labyrinth. It is followed by an intuitive card reading, discussion, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and/or other modalities to transform your internal story. Each session is unique. We begin with your internal story and proceed from there. 

The labyrinth is a physical construct that takes you out of ordinary time and space into the liminal. A space existing in between the ordinary world and the spiritual world. It is in this sacred space that Soul Alchemy can occur. 

At the threshold of the labyrinth, Michael will deal out an original tarot card spread called the Labyrinth Spread. The Labyrinth spread is designed to mirror the metaphor of release, illumination, and rebirth that occurs in a labyrinth walk. 

Each card or combination of cards holds a key to unlock hidden blocks that stop you from living the life you choose. They may keep you from living a life of joy and meaning. Once we unlock these hidden blocks, Michael then utilizes Emotional Freedom Technique and other techniques to help clear the negative beliefs, negative self-judgments, wounds, and trauma holding them in place. 

How does it get any better than this?

The alchemy that occurs in the labyrinth is truly magical; a true transmutation of your "lead" (wounds) into "gold" (truths). 

Soul Alchemy is a 12 -24 week commitment to transform your story from "I Can't" to "I Can," set goals, take action and move out of being the victim into being the hero of your own story. 


Using EFT, intuitive readings, past life regression and other techniques, Michael will guide you to release this limiting story. The result is a new story that organically arises from your soul blueprint. When you see yourself in the light of your new story, you can discover the freedom to make the choices to live your life from a more empowered position. 

Michael believes that 12 weeks is a minimum necessary time commitment to rewriting your "I Can't" story to "I CAN!". In some instances, especially if there was significant trauma in your past, additional sessions may be required. The time frame for re-writing your story is unpredictable. 

Soul Alchemy 12- 24 Week Transformational Coaching Program

1. Initial 30 minute Take The First Step Strategy Session

2. First Session:  2 hour session

3. 11 - 23 weekly 1.25 hour sessions

4. Access to Michael via text & email for brief questions

This program requires an initial interview to ascertain if this is a good program for you and if you ready fir this commitment. 

The premium package includes the above plus:

A brief weekly message from my guides through the tarot or other oracle decks. 

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