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Re-Write Your Story from I can't to I CAN!

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As a  holistic oriented medical doctor for 35 years, I’ve treated thousands of patients with prescriptions and surgical procedures. I now work with people who realize that there are parts of their lives that aren't working. The feel stuck, like they’ve hit a wall experiencing, stress, frustration, resentment, unhappiness, or even defeated in their lives. I help them break down the wall and re-write their story, so they can live a more fulfilled, meaningful, joyful and victorious life.

Located in Savannah, Georgia

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Are You Ready to Re-Write Your Story from

Can't to I CAN?

Holding Hands

Why I do What I DO

I Understand Your Struggle

My 3 decades of medical practice, 14 years of facilitating transformational men's work, and countless workshops on healing provided minimal assistance when my marriage was in trouble. We loved each other and still couldn’t manage to heal the rift on our own. We were headed for a divorce if things didn’t change. I felt like a failure as a man, husband and father that I couldn't change my behavior.


My wife and I both committed to saving our marriage, and we worked with a coach who helped us heal our own emotional wounds and repair our relationship. 


We rewrote our individual and relationship stories.


My wife fell in love with me all over again, and I with her. 


The experience was so profound for me, that I left my medical practice to focus on my career as a Transformational Healer, Intuitive Tarot Reader  and Shamanic Practitioner to work with people to overcome the emotional obstacles in their lives, keeping them stuck in unwanted patterns and stories.

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