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Passover - A Threshold to Personal Freedom

An integral part of our Passover celebration is to imagine that we are also slaves being led to our freedom through great miracles and terrible plaques.

In the liminal space that the Passover seder can create, we are asked to be introspective. To look at our own lives and acknowledge the areas where we are still slaves. Perhaps slaves to thoughts, beliefs, habits., or addictions.

The Hebrew word for Egypt is Mitzrayim. It translates as constriction or tight place. How often do people remain in a place of constriction because of something that might happen if they were to break free? How often do you do the same?

I invite you to consider that freedom from your personal Land of Mitzrayim (constriction) does entail risk and often sacrifice. However, also consider your future if you choose to remain.

I also invite you to consider how many "plagues" you are willing to endure or experience before choosing to cross the threshold to your freedom.

When I make the Passover Seder personal, I elevate it from a retelling of history to a sacred ceremony with the potential to open the doorway to my own personal freedom.

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