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  • Michael Bilkis

The Healing "Voyage" - A message for July 2023

This message I about travel. Not from one place to another. Rather, From one way of being to a new way of being. To start, The Emperor invites to make an inventory of the way you are now. Then make a list the the new way of being that you desire.

The voyage is your journey from one to the other. You may feel stuck at the crossroads, as represented by the reversed 2 of swords, unsure of how to proceed. What and how to choose differently. Acknowledge that this unknowing and the resistance that comes with it are normal for most people to feel.

This is a place that requires alchemy. That requires woking with someone who can catalyze your voyage to your desired way of being. Sometimes this journey happens within a short period and other times it may require a significant investment in time for the shift to fully occur.

The result that awaits you at the end of your journey is indeed victory. And, with victory comes a knowing from deep inside that you have indeed arrived.

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