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Healing Can start with Tarot

Genuine Energetic Healing with a Labyrinth Tarot Reading
Tarot as a Healing Experience

When I first started to read tarot, I thought it was nothing more than an oracle to provide a client with information.

As I began to read professionally, I discovered something that surprised and amazed me.

I discovered that my clients were experiencing a significant energetic and cognitive shift.

I discovered that my original and signature Labyrinth Spread created the experience of a labyrinth walk. The experience occurs in a liminal space existing between the conscious and subconscious minds. In this in-between space, clients frequently experience release, realization, and rebirth.

At the end of the session, clients report feeling lighter or more expansive. Truths that had been buried in the shadow of the subconscious are liberated and rise up into the light of consciousness.

I love that through a labyrinth card spread reading, my clients experience crossing over a threshold or gateway that had been closed or blocked prior to the reading. Now open, each client has the choice to continue to live from this new realization or to walk back into the life they were living before.

In actuality, every day provides the same opportunity to step into a new way of being or continue down the same path as yesterday. The choice is up to everyone. And it is always a choice.

Dr. Michael Bilkis, MD was voted Connect Savannah’s Best psychic 2023

Tarot appointments can be scheduled for face to face readings in downtown Savannah, Ga or via Zoom video conference.

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