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Looking 10 Years Younger in 30 Minutes without cosmetic procedures nor cosmetics?

Updated: May 9, 2023

Healing can occur in a 30-minute tarot reading. Healing, in this context, is defined as a shift in energy resulting in feeling lighter, softer, or more hopeful.

I also find that chakras, as assessed with a pendulum, that are spinning counterclockwise or blocked prior to the reading become open and spin clockwise afterwards.

Yesterday I did readings for a pair of friends who are my last clients for the day. One of the women was very edgy and blunt from the start.

Her reading was second. The first part of the reading deals with aspects of the heart that need to be released. I flipped over the page of swords. This page is known to deliver messages bluntly and undiplomatically. In fact, some would even argue that the page delivers the message without empathy.

At this point, she actually began to soften. I saw through her mask, and she started to feel safe showing me her authentic self beneath the mask of her "Page of Swords."

At the end of the reading, I could feel her heart becoming much more open. And she looked at least 10 years younger.

That was the effect of wearing a mask to keep her safe. It made her look sterner, edgier, and older.

Having a labyrinth tarot reading with me is a "threshold" experience. It opens a gate to a new way of being by providing clarity, direction, and healing. The next step is up to you, my client. You may choose to step through the threshold and continue your healing journey, or you may choose to turn around and return to your status quo.

Years ago, I made a choice to heal. It was an uncomfortable journey. And, most importantly, my quality of life in all my relationships skyrocketed. In participating, my relationships with my wife and children improved and then deepened.

I am ever so grateful that I said yes to help and for the people who guided me along the way.

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