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October 2022 update

Autumn finally arrived in Savannah, Ga. We no longer need our air conditioner on at night.

And, thankfully Hurricane Ian missed us completely.

Last month I was honored and blessed to travel back up north. I visited with friends and

family. The centerpiece of my visit was the opportunity to staff my 29th New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA). I credit my NWTA in May of 2008 as the single most important step on my healing journey. Moreover, I'v continued to grow and mature as a man and as a healer each time I've staffed. The NWTA is sponsored by a non-profit organization called The ManKind Project. If you're a man and also looking to take your life to another level, then I highly recommend participating in an NWTA. These trainings are offered all-around the country and moreover, all around the world.

The last 2 months, I've also been facilitating cacao ceremonies, usually in conjunction with the full moon. I plan on offering monthly cacao ceremonies locally in Savannah. I am also open to the invitation to lead a cacao ceremony at other venues.

Organic Ceremonial Cacao is derived from cacao beans and is processed in a very reverent way. The benefits of drinking organic ceremonial cacao are both physical, emotional and

spiritual. Cacao contains many bioactive compounds that bind to your Serotonin, dopamine and anandamide receptors in the brain. Also compounds that physically and spiritually open the heart. The result can include feeling increased joy, excitement, bliss, love and connection.

The next Cacao ceremony is Saturday October 8th in Savannah, GA

Click here to register: Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

I also re-printed what I consider to be one of my best essays to date. It was stored on an archived website.

Click here to read: Naked Not Nude

Last month I also celebrated the one year anniversary of moving out of NJ to Savannah, GA. And, leaving my 34 year career as a full time dermatologist to now work full time as a transformational healer. My work involves helping you to move forward by healing your past. As you free yourself from the chains anchoring you in your past, You naturally Re-Write Your Story from I can't to I CAN.

Did you know that I'm currently offering a complimentary Take the First Step Strategy Session to all new clients. Visit my website for more details.

Sneak Peek at future events: Introduction to the Shamanic Journey, Introduction to Intuitive Tarot Reading. And, a regular Zoom teaching event yet to be named.

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